This week we bring you the latest news from the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Get ready to discover ground-breaking innovations that will redefine the way we interact with technology.

Our first topic highlights Mixtral 8x22B, an open source AI model developed by Mistral AI that pushes the boundaries of performance and efficiency. Thanks to its advanced multilingual capabilities and mathematical and programming expertise, Mixtral 8x22B outperforms many existing models. Its innovative SMoE architecture enables it to excel while using only a fraction of its parameters. Available under the Apache 2.0 licence, this model marks a major step towards the democratisation of cutting-edge AI tools.

Next, we look at SAS’ bold initiative to make AI accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skills. By offering lightweight, industry-specific AI models, SAS enables businesses to rapidly deploy solutions to solve real-world problems. This revolutionary approach removes traditional barriers to AI adoption and accelerates the realization of tangible benefits. Expect to see the first SAS models land later this year.

However, with the enthusiasm for generative AI comes legitimate concerns. A recent study found that 80% of decision-makers are concerned about data privacy and security. Lack of strategic planning and talent shortages are also holding companies back. To make the most of AI, it is essential to develop progressive strategies and invest in technologies that ensure the integration, governance and explicability of language models.

Finally, Samsung is pushing the boundaries of embedded AI with its new LPDDR5X memory chip. Reaching speeds of 10.7 Gbps and a record 32 GB capacity, this technological feat paves the way for smarter mobile and IoT applications than ever before. The integration of advanced power-saving features also extends device life and reduces server operating costs. Samsung expects a mass launch in the second half of 2024.

AI continues to transform our world at a breakneck pace. Stay tuned to find out how these advances will shape our future. As always, The AI & Tech Newsletter will be your beacon in this technological revolution.

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